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Glitz & Glamour Hen Party

Yay! Your getting married!

Recently me and my fellow bridesmaids put together a glitz and glamour hen party for our best friend who is getting married this winter! Here is some inspo if you are planning a glitz & glamour extravaganza yourself!

Bride Crown

An essential (also essential - defacing the crown with inappropriate items relating to male body parts)

Oh Shit Kits!

Designs by The Memory Mix

Ideal handout for your hens - keeping them merry, hydrated and full! Boxes can be brought on Ebay and designs done by yours truly!

Contact: thememorymix@gmail.com if you are after something similar for your hen party/event!

Glitz & Glamour Champagne Bottle

Made by Roses & Thistles (https://www.instagram.com/roses.and.thistles/)

Giant Party Photo Frame

No party is complete without this giant frame!

Also by Roses & Thistles (Available to rent in Jersey, Channel Islands)

Bespoke Wedding/Hen Party Signs & Decor

Available from The Memory Mix

& Dont forget your confetti cannons!

To find out more about bespoke decor/designs for weddings & events contact: thememorymix@gmail.com or visit www.thememorymix.com

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